Meet n Greet

My name is Richard Markert. I love coffee. I am 34 years old, and I have many hobbies including video games, flying quad-rotor remote control vehicles, A.K.A drones, (I am registered with the FAA) and of course the reason this site exists: My photography.

I have always loved taking pictures, and have been doing so since I could hold a camera. People, pets, landscapes, buildings, cars, clouds, you name it, I probably photographed it one time or another.

I opened this site to showcase some of my work, to be my portfolio. To that end,  I will be uploading pictures I have taken. Some will be raw files and some will be processed in Adobe Lightroom, but all will be original work by me, and most will be watermarked and lower resolution than the originals.

If a piece catches your eye, leave a comment. If you wish to purchase a print, please use the Contact link at the top right, and I can arrange a sale.

I also have a YouTube channel, where I upload footage of video games I’m currently playing. Click here. (Will open a new tab)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the pictures!